Free Drinking Fountains in Berkley, California

The 1st American city to implement a tax on sweet drinks was Berkley, California in February 2014. By taxing sugary drinks, the city hopes to motivate a lot more people to go with healthier options, such as water. Attempts were made to find out the state of local drinking water fountains in both high- and low-income neighborhoods. Facts on the city’s drinking water fountains were developed using a GPS created specifically for the research. Researchers then used US Census data to find out more about the economic and racial issues that affected the city. The analysts sought to use both data sets to figure out if demographics were associated to drinking water fountain access. Each water fountain and the demographics of its bordering area were reviewed to reveal whether the location of the read more fountains or their level of maintenance exhibited any correlation to income, race, or other points. While the majority of the fountains were in working order, an astonishing quantity were uncovered to be in a bad state of repairs.

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